Swordplay and theatre company Memento mori comes from Uhersky Ostroh and its foundation dates back to 1992. The name "Memento mori" itself originated from Latin and it can be translated as "remember you will die" or "remember to die". It is a motto of medieval friars about fleetingness of human life.

Historical swordplay is fun for everyone

One of the advantages of this art, or entertainment if you wish, is that it is fun for absolutely everybody, from children and youth to parents and seniors. Since it is not just about historical swordplay, group Memento mori organizes even town festivals, historical markets, receptions, knights tournaments, historical battles, children's days and a lot of other various festivities, and everybody, who is interested in history to some extent, will surely find something to his or her liking. On top of that, the group of historical swordplay even collaborates with other amazing artists. Thanks to them we can enhance the events by adding other interesting elements, e.g. puppet theatre, potters, falconers or refreshments.


Are you interested in gladiators or fakirs?

As time went on, the original focus of the group, that is historical swordplay, was enhanced by a variety of other interesting performances. In addition to the swordplay there is renaissance, baroque, classicism, fakir and fire show, gladiators, torture room, historical crafts, weapons demonstration, fairy tales and even a fashion show of historical nature, which is not for women only. Swordplay and theatre group Memento mori also takes part in filmmaking and filming of commercial spots and collaborates with museums and theatres. We play several hundred performances a year in the whole of Czech Republic and abroad. We also participate in historical tournament Historical Tournament Visegrad Edition, which is being held in Poland.


Choose a performance according to your taste

The group of historical swordplay from Uhersky Ostroh offers vast variety of performances to its fans. That way you can go back, at least partially, to the specific era, in which you are interested the most. Through the performance Gladiators you will visit the Roman arena, where gladiators in ancient armours fight for their lives, the event called Tournament will, for one, take you to the foot tournament of knights in full armour for a rose of a beautiful lady, you will laugh with amusing and lighthearted variation on medieval torture, and for the thick-skinned ones there is a performance uncovering the roughness and cruelty of the torture room interrogation called Torture Law and Witch Burning.