Historical celebrations can be entertaining for absolutely everyone with their rich programme. There is everything you can imagine under the term of historical celebrations. Everywhere you can see swordsmen in historical armours wih magical ancient weaponsstallholders and craftsmen in period costumes, exciting performances from various historical periods, astonishing set pieces, fitting decoration, to put it simply, everything that should be a part of these celebrations. That is exactly how the historical celebrations, organized by historical and stage swordplay group Memento mori from Uhersky Ostroh, can look like, and you can have them organized even in your city!


Fakir and fire show

You can experience the Fakir show not only on your holiday in some Oriental countries, but this breathtaking demonstration of human dexterity and capabilities is also among the performances of the historical swordplay group Memento mori. In this exciting show with a scent of the Orient, filled with danger in a way that you will not even breathe, you will see the fakir lie down on a bed studded with nails, after that he will walk barefooted over broken glass shards to demonstrate his resilience, and to top it off, he will demonstrate his courage by letting knives to be thrown at him, and an apple is cut open by a sabre, on top of his body. The whole show is even accompanied by the fire show for the perfect resulting impression. While the fakir performs life-threatening tricks for the audience, his assistants eat and spit fire, burn their bodies with flaming torches, and cover themselves in fiery circles. The whole show is intensified by fascinating Oriental music, which provides much needed atmosphere of far away countries. A programme which fills all adventure and danger lovers with enthusiasm, can be concluded by a fireworks at the end.


Rich programme for everyone

However, in addition to fakir and fire show, Historical celebrations offer many other events. For example, the historical weapons demonstration will be an interesting experience. To the accompaniment of expert commentary you can take a look at weapons through various time periods, and this way, you will be familiar with weapons from a stone age axe-hammer to the pistols and assault rifles. During the demonstration, which is managed by experts, you will see gladiuses, swords, rapiers, spears, axes and shields in practice, you will hear shots from a musket, pistol and even a cannon. To please the female part of our audience, in case the weapons aren't captivating enough, the programme can be expanded by a fashion show describing the European clothing over the course of several centuries. Gradually you will see women's and men's clothing in accompaniment to a commentary about period fashion, customs and materials used.