Swordplay and theatre company Memento mori has been devoted to this kind of art since 1992 and all of its events and performances are able to bring you closer to the atmosphere of ancient history and present it in a way that is approachable and entertaining for everyone. This group can bring historical town festivals, markets, receptions, knights tournaments, historical battles as well as childrens's days and many other festivals and events, right to your city. Originally, the group was entirely devoted to the historical swordplay, which was expanded by more and more programmes as time went on. Now Memento mori can offer you, for example, a performance from the renaissance era, baroque and classicism, fakir and fire show, gladiators, torture room as well as historical crafts, a fashion show of period costumes or fairy tales.


Historical performances through the ages

Individual historical performances offer plenty of fun for everyone who is interested in history or weapons to some extent. Memento mori association brings you closer to many historical eras in an entertaining and humorous way, for example, a performace called Suffering of Dishonest Men, which depicts medieval torture in amusing and lighthearted way, or with the parody Landsknechts about the life in a military camp. And even offers a brutal display of torture room interrogations with use of the Spanish boot, cutting, whipping, and other medieval practice, called Torture Law and Witch Burning. This performance is for adults only. However, our association si mindful of children too, of course. For them we have prepared the Fairy Tale of Bajaja, for example.


Admire the skillfulness of period craftsmen

Demonstration of period crafts is also a part of repertoire of Memento mori association. Since we have been collaborating with potters, blacksmiths, and carvers for long years, audience can admire their skillful hands as well as final products, which brings us closer to the past of our ancestors. After agreement you can even choose a craft that seems most interesting to you and give it a try. This way you will see that life never used to be easy.